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Earn up to 500 points.$15.00$100.00

Grilled Turkey

Earn up to 300 points.$7.50$60.00

Smoky Party Jollof Rice

Earn up to 350 points.$10.00$70.00

Beef Suya

Earn up to 500 points.$25.00$100.00

Efo Riro

Earn up to 675 points.$25.00$135.00

Egusi Soup

Earn up to 675 points.$25.00$135.00

Fried Rice

Earn up to 425 points.$15.00$85.00

Meat (Beef or Assorted) Stewed

Earn up to 1,200 points.$30.00$240.00

Ayamase Stew

Earn up to 1,000 points.$30.00$200.00

Okra [Seafood or Assorted Meat]

Earn up to 650 points.$30.00$130.00

3 Packs – GrillChops (Puff puff, Suya, Grilled Chicken)

Purchase this product now and earn 300 points! $60.00

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